Our Happy Employees

I believe that I am the most fortunate person in this company as I am the 1st employee of Confiance. I am about to complete 5 years in this company, and have had a good experience during this period, I have shared some points below.

  • Good work environment
  • I believe that there is bright future of all the team members working in this company as the company provides platform to grow each and every team member
  • All Seniors including Managers and Team Leaders not only train all the team members but also help them to better manage the workload, priorities, personal issues including medical emergency, leave, etc.
  • Team member’s ideas and suggestions are being welcomed and appreciated by the seniors.
  • Most of the team members work with a positive attitude which results into a positive impact on the people around them and improve the energy in the team.
  • Festivals are well celebrated, everyone enjoys every festival as a family in this company.
  • During Covid 19 Pandemic, the company provides every team member job security and a full pay.

According to me, “Confiance has a meaning and that’s an “Assurance”, working with Confiance has assured my growth in each and every aspect of my life, whether say it’s personal, professional, material or immaterial. Confiance is a platform for each and every individual who wants to break through the routine and achieve on their own-self by standing out!! Yeah, it has a cost but indeed a worthy on what as an individual we are getting.

DO REMEMBER NOTHING or NO FEEL is FREE OF COST in this world, but as a Professional Accountant I assure that the COST of the TRANSFORMATION with CONFIANCE will give you GREAT RESULTS”.

Being for around 5 years with CONFIANCE, I have witnessed the organization growth. I am very proud as one of the first few employees of CONFIANCE family. My career has sky rocketed along with the growth of the organization. I joined as a Jr. Accounts Office and was promoted to Accounts Officer, then as a Sr. Accountant and not I am working as a Sr. Tax Return preparer in the US Tax division so I have not only seen financial but also a professional growth with the organization.

I am working as a Business Development Executive at Confiance since March 2017. I really enjoy working at Confiance. All the employees here work as a team and work with good faith and positivity.

We not only work hard but also celebrate all the festivals together! We are proud of the fact that we work with zero corporate politics and there is uttermost transparency in the way organization functions. As this is my 1st job, I have made very good friends within the company.

It gives immense pleasure to work for this organization ad it feels that it is my 2nd home. I think the team work will take us to the new heights!

I am working with Confiance for a period of 4.5 years and as a part of Confiance Family, I learned many life changing skills, including Accounting, Communication and Problem Solving abilities. Confiance helped me to grow at the position where I am over a short period of time.