Our All Happy Employees

I believe that I am the most fortunate person in this company as I am the 1st employee of Confiance. I am about to complete 5 years in this company, and have had a good experience during this period, I have shared some points below.

  • Good work environment
  • I believe that there is bright future of all the team members working in this company as the company provides platform to grow each and every team member
  • All Seniors including Managers and Team Leaders not only train all the team members but also help them to better manage the workload, priorities, personal issues including medical emergency, leave, etc.
  • Team member’s ideas and suggestions are being welcomed and appreciated by the seniors.
  • Most of the team members work with a positive attitude which results into a positive impact on the people around them and improve the energy in the team.
  • Festivals are well celebrated, everyone enjoys every festival as a family in this company.
  • During Covid 19 Pandemic, the company provides every team member job security and a full pay.

According to me, “Confiance has a meaning and that’s an “Assurance”, working with Confiance has assured my growth in each and every aspect of my life, whether say it’s personal, professional, material or immaterial. Confiance is a platform for each and every individual who wants to break through the routine and achieve on their own-self by standing out!! Yeah, it has a cost but indeed a worthy on what as an individual we are getting.

DO REMEMBER NOTHING or NO FEEL is FREE OF COST in this world, but as a Professional Accountant I assure that the COST of the TRANSFORMATION with CONFIANCE will give you GREAT RESULTS”.

Being for around 5 years with CONFIANCE, I have witnessed the organization growth. I am very proud as one of the first few employees of CONFIANCE family. My career has sky rocketed along with the growth of the organization. I joined as a Jr. Accounts Office and was promoted to Accounts Officer, then as a Sr. Accountant and not I am working as a Sr. Tax Return preparer in the US Tax division so I have not only seen financial but also a professional growth with the organization.

I am working as a Business Development Executive at Confiance since March 2017. I really enjoy working at Confiance. All the employees here work as a team and work with good faith and positivity.

We not only work hard but also celebrate all the festivals together! We are proud of the fact that we work with zero corporate politics and there is uttermost transparency in the way organization functions. As this is my 1st job, I have made very good friends within the company.

It gives immense pleasure to work for this organization ad it feels that it is my 2nd home. I think the team work will take us to the new heights!

I am working with Confiance for a period of 4.5 years and as a part of Confiance Family, I learned many life changing skills, including Accounting, Communication and Problem Solving abilities. Confiance helped me to grow at the position where I am over a short period of time.

I have started my career as a Business Development Executive in 2017 with Confiance and today I’m working as a Team Leader. Confiance is the platform which creates lots of opportunities to enhance your knowledge, gain experience and to grow career. Confiance also provides opportunities to freshers to initiate their career and allows them to grow in professional way. Being a valuable team member of Confiance family, I have learnt so many things with the help of my seniors.

I was one of the 10 employees of Confiance and we are working together as family. I am proud of the fact that We believe and provide qualitative services to all the clients we work for.

I am associated with Confiance since last 4 and half years, my journey has been filled with learning and growth as the organization is growing quickly. Apart from achieving organizations goal, company has always supported me in fulfilling my educational ambitions. I had joined as an Accounts officer and currently holding the position of a Team Leader, I've got the right platform for my career at Confiance.

I have been associated with Confiance for almost 4 years now. The journey at Confiance from being an Accounts Officer to Team Leader is really amazing! This is the place where my life changed – the place which provides me knowledge, experience, ability to learn new things, improves communication skills, team bonding and many more.

The name itself shows that “Confiance – Delivering Trusted Solutions” and it means it. The organization which provides you the opportunities to learn new things, believes you and besides you in every situation is rare, indeed! Also, The CEO of the Company is encouraging “Women Empowerment” and “Youth Organization” in every step.

Last but not the least, the organizer and the organization which works on ethics, morals and great work culture is good to work with.

I am very proud to be a part of the "Confiance family". The CEO Raj Shah and the team managers here are very supportive. I love the work atmosphere of the company and enjoy the teamwork and bonding that we share with our colleagues. I admire the variety of clients and the quality of service that we offer to our clients.

I have been working with Confiance since 4 years. I have started my journey as an Executive – Business Development and right now I’m working as team leader.

The work environment is friendly and you get freedom to share ideas with your supervisors. The career growth for the right person can be really multifold with this company.

“Confiance… This is the name for which I am proud to be a part of. It is not just a company to work it is the family where I can learn and grow. Confiance believes in Teamwork and Co-Operation of each other and we are moving together towards a common goals.“

"For me, it’s been more than 3 year working with Confiance. Confiance provides us a conducive and employee friendly work environment, which helps the employee to give quality work to the clients. In terms of career growth also, it provides best platform to enhance knowledge and skills. I feel very gratified and glad to be associated with Confiance and absolutely look forward to work here for a long tenure.”

I can proudly say this is my best move to join Confiance. My career has skied with the growth of the company. It provides the best platform to enhance knowledge and skills. Also, our talent and hard work are recognized and appreciated. The 3+ years, I have been with the company are the most rewarding and best learning years of my career. It am fortunate that I joined this company early in its growth process and I thoroughly enjoy working here.

“I am working with Confiance for around 4 years. Confiance means TRUST, but for me this company is a platform for a bunch of opportunities. You just need to put some effort to grab it and you will become a Hero for yourself, a company, and your friends & family. What I more like about this company is there is no politics and transparency in work. Happy to be a part of Confiance!”

Working @ Confiance is not just completion of tasks, but a continuous learning process and growth capitalizing on acquiring new skills and availing opportunities. I am glad to be part of this company where Respect, Care and Excellence are the qualities enhanced from the roots, which is followed by a process of HARD WORK and TEAMWORK. I have been fortunate to be part of Confiance which is surrounded by great individuals who are generous in sharing the knowledge, which helped me to grow professionally and personally in my journey so far.

I feel very proud to be one of the first few employees of Confiance. Confiance provides employee friendly work environment, which helps employee to provide quality work to the clients. Awards and rewards boost the working environment. Doors are always open for support from supervisors. Apart from work, management encourages family culture as well. You are not just an employee but considered a family member here.

I have been working with CONFIANCE since 3 years, and I am so grateful for being part of the CONFIANCE family. The environment here is so positive, people here are caring, gentle and ready to help whenever you need them. The company truly cares about your career and what you want to achieve. The managers and directors often interact with us and motivate us to achieve our goals. They always push us to achieve a higher level of professional competence. The company always takes the side of their employees in every matter.

As a professional, it would be one’s dream to find a company that can give you a good career boost, with transparent and supportive management, can look for your financial wellbeing, in short, the company where you can work restfully and have a good professional career. I can say I found the company of my dream after joining Confiance. I am working with Confinace since 2018. I can proudly say that I have seen the company grow multifold in this short span of time in all aspects let it be the employee base, the client base or services offered by the company. I’ll always be thankful to the management to see my potential and give me opportunities of learning and strengthening my inherent skill set while ensuring my professional growth at the same time. The colleagues at Confiance are very helpful and co-operative. They have helped me to grow both professionally and personally. I have faced challenges and also have many beautiful moments which I will cherish forever. Joining Confiance has come out to be the best decision I’ve ever made. Here’s to the growth and success of Confiance and continuing my career with it in days to come.

My name is Devisht Mishra. It’s been proud 2.5+ years working with my company Confiance as an Accounts Officer. I started my career in the beginning of 2018 with the Company I used to work in earlier but due to some reasons had to quit within a year. After which I was fortunate enough to find Confiance in the beginning of 2019, got recruited and started my journey where I found it easy to fit in and can categorically say that it’s been full of learning experiences from the day I started working here.

Let me share my experience a little briefly. With the support of superiors and colleagues around I learnt how to ace at creating trustworthy relationships with clients. It was slowly and gradually I learnt making the most of my day that includes being efficient with my time and effective with my working.

I still remember this happened because at initial stage of learning where I was getting trained upon a particular project I used to ask myself on continuous basis – “Have I been influential enough to make the day a successful one?” This small little question to myself made me rush into with the tasks assigned which at the start resulted in mistakes here and there but ultimately made me have a good hands upon my workings very soon.

Being honest what I like to have by the end of the day is a sense of accomplishment from within and not by any individual. This I got to experience along with whole my journey with Confiance.

Here are few things I love about my job

  • The people I work with.
  • The freedom to create a way of working that works best for me. I have always loved the managers I’ve had did not micro-manage, and I’ve proven that they don’t need to.

If I talk about the opportunities one can find here, let me assure you will find them in abundance the only condition it should be you who takes the initiative and only if you have the drive to grow.

Rest other things remain the same like any other corporate company.

Lastly, would like to mention the support (personal & professional) from the management I received and is still ongoing not only keeps me serving the best I can for my company but also drives me feeling the same ownership the Chairperson of my company feels and work for a common goal i.e. for a better future of Confiance.

Hello, I am working with Confiance since last 2 years. Confiance provided me bunch of opportunities to upscale my knowledge and I really enjoy working with this company. This company provides all the eligible employee’s a platform to grow faster with their ability with zero politics.

I am Karan Gajjar and I had joined as a junior business development executive. I wanted to join a company where I can get good opportunity to grow my professional career and finally got chance to prove myself. I am very much thankful to this company for giving me this opportunity. Since 2.5 years, I am in this company and got promoted to Senior business development executive. Each and every employee have helping nature and are very friendly, especially Mr. Raj Shah (CEO). I am very proud to be a part of this company. This is my dream job. With hard work and guidance from my CEO, I reached to this level and made my dream come true.

I feel proud to be a part of Confiance for 3 years, it's been a vital job throughout my career. I joined Confiance as a Jr. Accountant & in 3 years I have been promoted to Senior Team Leader. There were many opportunities without any internal politics where only hard work, responsibility, and dedication towards roles and opportunities are kept almost important in main KPIs for the growth of an employee. Even the manager and our respected CEO Raj Shah had supported me in all due means to help and assist me where I need optimum support or suggestion from them.

It is just a dream company to work where your efforts and hard work are paid off timely.

This is a fun place to work. Everyone here care about each other like we are a family. This is great place to learn and grow your career.

Confiance is a great place to work! I cannot explain in words because I have many memories and moments with this company. The best moment in Confiance was to be awarded as best team payer.

I love to be the part Confiance family because I have great co-workers, lots of training and learning opportunities, positive environment, this all has given me the motivation and happiness and inspirited me to be at next level. Happy to be a part of CONFiANCE Family.

I have been associated with Confiance for more than 2 years now, and working here has been a great experience. It has helped me realize my true potential and has broadened my horizons. It has taught me how paying attention to minute details can make a commendable difference!

One of the best things about Confiance that makes it distinct from other organizations is its employee-centric culture. I was fascinated with the fact that even amidst pandemic Confiance stood as escutcheon towards its employees.

To sum up, it is an organization with strong ethical values and great work culture which delivers trusted solutions to all its clients.

I started my journey with Confiance on 27th May 2019. It has been fruitful journey so far with lot of learning and experience. My colleagues and superiors have been supportive and inhaled good strength in me that keeps me going. I have experienced positive culture here. Scope of work and opportunities that I have received here will definitely help me in all my future projects as well.

I am working with Confiance for more than 2 years and below are the points which I like about this organization

  • Strong and Positive Leadership
  • Productive and relaxed atmosphere
  • Encourage a healthy work environment
  • Transparency in all their actions
  • Inspire a positive corporate culture
  • Willing to take risks

I can proudly say this is my first and best move. I enjoy working with Confiance, work environment is good. Organization has supported me through my thick and thin. I feel gratified and glad to be associated with Confiance and absolutely look forward to work here for a long tenure.

I have completed here 2 years and overall, my experience is good, this is the excellent place to learn International taxation as I have knowledgeable and supportive colleagues and managers. Organization is having a very good environment and there are lots of opportunities for a person with positive attitude and quick learning ability. I want to share that the job here is 100% secured, during Covid-19, the company not only retained all the team members but also paid them 100% salaries during challenging time.

“I Joined "Confiance" as Sr. accountant in 2019, currently working a Team Leader. I am thankful to the organization which provided me a platform where I learn about Team and work management, improve my accounting and finalization skills. "Confiance" is a great company to join due to the fact that it considers human values, provides equal platform and lot of growth opportunities to those who are willing to face challenges and grow faster.”

I am proud of the fact that I am working with Confiance in the last 2 years or so. Here, I learnt many things about personal and professional growth. Moreover, management is good and supportive. This is one of the companies which motivates the employees to work efficiently and provide qualitative deliverables to all the clients.

I am proud of the fact that I am part of Confiance family. All employees are assets here and not just employees. It is completely flexible work environment. The great quality of the company is that it trusts employees and supports them in all the way whether it is timing, training or growth. I believe, there are very good opportunities for growth of the organization as well as for all the team members who are working over here.

I am proud to be a part of Confiance family! It is not just a company to work, it is the family where I learn many things and growing as a professional. Confiance believes in Teamwork and gives equal importance which allows every employee to work together to achieve the organization goal.

I have completed 2 years of Journey with Confiance. During my tenure, I had a best experience to enhance my knowledge and skills. I would like to admit that the company has provided me with good platform to grow myself and my career. The company’s work environment is really good, helpful, and supportive. All mentors help me to improvise as and when required.

The first thing I would like to say thank you for accepting me in Confiance Family. To be honest I am very fortunate person to join with this organization. I have joined in this Family in October 2019 as Senior Accountant and now I am working as a Team Leader. I am very pleased with the organization as it has provided me a platform & opportunity to grow in professional career. I have learnt about the work management, people management and improved my work abilities and skills through date of my Journey with the organization.

The atmosphere in Confiance is very positive and healthy which fuels in energy to boost your career with Ethics. All the respected seniors, Team Leaders & Managers are very humble and I have learnt a lot from them and they always stand with us in each & every situation.

The one thing which I will never forgot that the Company always values each & every Employee and treats them with due respect without any discrimination.

It's been almost 2 years since I joined Confiance family. The experience so far has been great, learnable and enjoyable. It was a new experience working in International Accounting which I had never experienced before. There have been challenges each day and I have enjoyed every moment dealing with it. Of course, it would not have been possible without the support of my Manager and Seniors.

The work culture has been supportive where the Team leaders and Managers not only provide solutions to their team member's work issues but also support them in their non-work related issues as and when required.

The client base is very diversified and we get the opportunity to work on different clients having varied business structures. Also, team members are promoted as per their performance at regular intervals.

In the tough time of Covid, the company has been quite supportive to all the team members

It has been a great pleasure working in the group so far and I look forward to working and growing further with the company.

I am working with Confiance since last 2 years, it is one of the fastest growing KPOs. I admire the culture over here and it is surrounded by friendly atmosphere. All managers are cooperative with each and every team member. Below are the few additional aspects which I want to highlight for this organization.

  • Good working environment
  • Standardized Processes
  • Transparency
  • Best Training

"CONFIANCE has brought a lot of changes in myself. Since I joined, my skills and knowledge in Revenue Cycle Management have increased. This place is great for work as there is a wealth of knowledge here. It helps you to bring out your capabilities and identify your real potential. Thank you so much CONFIANCE for giving me a chance to develop my knowledge and efficiency."

I am very fortunate that I am working with Confiance for the last 1.8 years. Here, I learnt many things about the work and I am growing myself, and like the atmosphere too. This is one of the companies which motivates the employees to work with ethics and values. Confiance means “Trust” and I like to work with Confiance Family!

CONFiANCE, It's not just a name it's a family. I can say Confiance is synonym of Growth for me, in terms of financial, professional as well as personal. It's being two years I am working with Confiance, but I never felt that my growth is paused. Every day comes up with new opportunities or challenges whom I like to overcome. I would recommend all my friends with positive attitude and learning abilities to join this organization and be a part of growth.

I have been with Confiance for the last 21 months and during that period the company has become a second family to me. I have witnessed the company growing exponentially and along with the company, team members have also grown personally and professionally. Confiance provides a great deal of exposure to the team members, not only in terms of quality of work but also some wonderful opportunities to expand their skill sets. Confiance is an ideal workplace for those who love taking up new challenges every day. A perfect workplace where taking ownership and initiatives matter! I am privileged to have ended up at Confiance and will always be eternally grateful to the company and its management, especially Raj Shah (CEO) and Vimesh Patel (my manager). They have guided me through my career growth through today. Based on my personal experience and what I have been witnessing around, I can safely say that Confiance provides the best possible platform to the team members to take their professional careers to the new heights.

"I have been a part of Confiance family for more than one and half year. I would say that during this journey I found myself completely changed. I have learned so many things which has enhanced my overall personality and skills. Work environment is one of the things that I like most about Confiance. I feel that I am working with my friends rather than working with colleagues. Managers and top management are also very cooperative and friendly in nature."

It`s been an educational and fun-filled experience working for Confiance for the past two years. It provides a good platform for career growth where talent and hard work are recognized and appreciated. I look forward to being a part of this organization for a long time to come.

“Working with CONFIANCE is not just a number of tasks to be done, rather it’s more of getting an experience through the journey. The working environment is so inspiring itself that you never feel tired of being here every single day. Managers continuously motivates you to upgrade creativity and skills which leads you to leave no stones to be unturned.

Feeling proud to be part of CONFIANCE!”

Confiance is a great place to work. My career has skied with the growth of the company. The culture is transparent, every employee, irrespective of their position is given a chance to be heard, and there are ample opportunities available to those who want to build a career here. It is a young organization with a modern, newfangled and entrepreneurial approach that distinguishes it from its competitors. The organization is very multicultural and with offices across the world we get to interact with colleagues from various nationalities and cultural background, which is also another interesting facet of working for Confiance.

"I joined Confiance as an entry level Process Associate and now I hold the position of Assistant Team Leader. I love how much I have grown in the short amount of time I've worked with the company. During my this years with the Confiance I have seen that Confiance always had an excellent team with wide range of skill sets which can help any client to achieve their goals and objectives .Opportunities are here to learn and grow. All the employees are equally treated, appreciated and recognized for their dedication and hard work. Working with Confiance team is an outstanding experience. Overall Confiance gives me the Job satisfaction I have always longed for."

The Culture of this company is a supportive one, which really helps in harnessing different skills and steering everyone towards a common goal of attaining success. Ethics and values are important for the company and the same lives with us in how we work together and with our clients. The experience of working in this company has been a nurturing one, paving paths for ample opportunities of all-round growth.

I have worked in lots of companies before joining Confiance and I really like this organization. In brief, Nice Infrastructure, colleagues are supportive, Team completes their work in timely manner. Sometimes, if we have lots of work then company allows overtime and it is really appreciated. I learned lots of things over here even the manager & management are very supportive. I learn and able to scale my knowledge and experience here.

Throughout my tenure with Confiance, I have been guided and trained by the seniors on various stages which also helped me in finding my passion and to grow myself within the organization. It was never felt like I am working on 10 - 7 job, It felt like I am working in my own company wherein I am learning and updating my knowledge base on a daily basis.

The Team leaders, managers and the CEO are always open to resolve any issues and has also guided me personally on various stages of career growth. The colleagues and other team's members are also very helpful to each other, the work environment is very motivational for me. This is a fun place to work.

I have been with Confiance from last 8 months and I am very satisfied here working with Raj and his team. They have been so helpful. It’s a good place to work with people who are professional and knowledgeable in their work. It’s been great work experience for me and I look forward to working with this organization for years come!

“I have been working in Confiance for more than 7 months and I am glad I’ve gotten an opportunity to work in this organization. I am given various different tasks to work with the freedom of taking decisions on them individually. Employees are motivated and praised to work harder by the leaders. I am fortunate being surrounded by the people who push me to go upward on my Career Graph. I am proud of being part of Confiance family.”