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Financial Reporting Analytics

At Confiance, we have an enviable and impeccable track record of delivering financial reporting services to our clients. We’re a business solutions firm that looks after your best interests and pride ourselves on having financial analytics experts who truly care. We offer a complete gamut of financial reporting services to suit the requirements of different organizations. We help maximize the positive impact on the business success of clients by delivering qualitative, timely and proactive financial reports and analytics. Moreover, we assist in improving the accuracy and timeliness of financial plans, budgets and reports by streamlining internal processes & maximizing resources thus helping optimize business decisions.

We at Confiance are completely aware of the importance and criticality of providing accurate financial reports. Our team of accredited, in-house financial analytics experts are always here to hold your hand and oversee your accounts. We can advise you on how to improve cash flow and income, help communicate strategy more effectively and thus help in improving your business process efficiency. We understand the importance of delivering accurate financial reporting and the need for being precise in financial statement preparation. We possess broad-based experience across a wide range of industry verticals, with an unparalleled expertise to deliver best-in-class financial analytics services including.

  • Accounts payable aging analysis
  • Accounts receivable aging analysis
  • Job or Project costing & analysis
  • Department or location costing & analysis
  • Working Capital control
  • Cash Forecasting
  • Key Performance Indicators reporting
  • Monthly / Quarterly Financial Analysis and Feedback
  • Profit improvement analysis and monitoring
  • Budgeting & variance analysis
  • Working with Professionals (CPA, Banker, Attorney etc.)